About HoReCa

 HORECA is the name in Europe that clearly denotes the Brands of Wines sold exclusively to Restaurants, Hotels & CafeWe are now proud to introduce HORECA, as a distribution branch of "Wine World Import" for Hotels, Resturants and Cafes in Australia. Having been a restaurateur for over 16 years and confirmed by most restaurateurs talking to Restaurateur’s over the years, one major factor emerged as Extremely important;

Wine Exclusivity 

  • Wines Exclusively sold to Restaurant (the so called ‘On Premises Only’), has allowed HORECA to the restraurateur's a range of well priced, good quality wines, not produced in bulk or highly commercialised, to showcase to their Diners. 



For nearly 3 years we have researched most Italian Regions, to find a number of good quality Wine Producers with a solid background, high recognition, & an Award Winning History.

Having increased my interest & passion for wine for over 30 years, with so many of those spent in my own restaurants, it became almost a normal metamorphose to developed a Wine Business that would meet the Restaurants requirements.

 We Trust we have done that.

Nino T. Miano