Wine Facts

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Having been in the hospitality industry as a restaurateur for over 16 years, two main factors have always risen as extremely important for Independent Bottle Shops:

  • Profitability;
  • Exclusivity to this sector of the industry, for Wines purchased.

Hence, our aim has been to introduce in to Australia a separate number of wines from the Old World and New World, to add to a range of Australian wines to distribute directly and Exclusively to Independent Bottle Shops.  Subsequently we started our researches in the Italian Wine Market from north to south, for over 2.5 years. We have met with hundreds of wine producers looking for those with good quality wines, solid background, high recognition & Highly Awarded.

Finally, for our Italian Portfolio. we chose a vast range representing all major wine producing Italian regions, with a comprehensive variety of wines ranging from an entry level to the most Famous Fine Italian wines, such as Barolo, Brunello, Nobile di Montepulciano, Amarone, Taurasi, Supertuscans, Barbaresco, Gattinara, Chianti Classico etc. in addition to a large range of liquors and spirits, such as Limoncello, Sambuca, Grappa and more.

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